Zyxel PLA5256 - Starter Kit - bro - kan sluttes til vægstik

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Zyxel PLA5256 - Starter Kit - bro - kan sluttes til vægstik

You have a wired network device in another room that needs Internet connection, but you don't want the mess running a long Ethernet cable to it? Grab a ZyXEL PLA5256, 1000 Mbps powerline pass-thru 2-port Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The PLA5256 utilizes the advanced HomePlug AV2 technology that delivers wired speed of up to 1000 Mbps through your power outlets - great for streaming HD video contents or playing intensive multiplayer online games. The PLA5256 features two Ethernet ports, making it perfect for connecting living room network devices such as set top boxes or video game consoles. With the convenient pass-through power outlet design, it doesn't block the existing wall power outlets from other devices that require it.

  • Enhanced performance and range for smooth HD streaming and more: Build a wired with advanced HomePlug AV2 up to 1000 Mbps speed, with the ZyXEL PLA5256 to stream high-definition videos without hitches or stuttering. The flexibility provided by the two Gigabit Ethernet ports allows you to simultaneously connect to the Internet and stream media to a pair of devices like game consoles, PCs, smart TVs, NAS and printers.

  • Convenient pass-through design that doesn't block power outlets: The ZyXEL PLA5256 doesn't block power outlets but offers a pass-through outlet instead, which allows you to keep the existing powered devices connected. The embedded noise filter eliminates static from connected electronics to further improve network quality.

  • 128-bit AES encryption for network protection: Keep snooping eyes at bay with the advanced end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption built into the ZyXEL PLA5256. It prevents users outside of your network from entering your personal local network.

  • Quality-of-Service for unparalleled networking performance: The ZyXEL PLA5256 allocates proper bandwidth automatically for the powerline network to fully utilize your bandwidth. Get the unparalleled networking experience with extremely easy, straightforward setup.

Varenummer 100241466
ID 000000009000029201-EA
Produkt dybde [mm] 65
Produkt højde [mm] 42
Produkt bredde [mm] 125
  • 128-bit AES
  • Kan sluttes til vægstik
  • Pc
  • Zyxel
  • Zyxel
  • PLA5256
  • Kabling
  • 128-bit kryptering
  • Nulstillingsknap
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Auto-uplink (auto MDI/MDI-X)
Maximum driftstemperatur
  • 40 °C
Minimum driftstemperatur
  • 0 °C
Inkluderet tilbehør
    • Zyxel PLA5256

    • Netværkskabel
  • PLA5256-EU0201F
  • IEEE 1901
  • HomePlug AV 2.0
  • HomePlug AV
OS nødvendig
  • Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8
  • IGMPv2
  • IGMPv3
  • IGMP
Min. driftstemperatur
  • 0 °C
Fugtighedsgrad ved brug
  • 10 - 90 % (ikke-kondenserende)
Maks. driftstemperatur
  • 40 °C
  • QPSK
  • 256 QAM
  • 4096 QAM
  • BPSK
  • ROBO
  • OFDM
  • 1024 QAM
  • 64 QAM
  • 16 QAM
  • Starter Kit
Strømforbrug ved drift
  • 5,5 Watt
  • Link/aktivitet
  • Strøm
Type strømenhed
  • Intern strømforsyning
Type netværk
  • Bro
  • Hvid
Krypterings algoritme
  • 128-bit AES
  • 1.000 Mbps
Strømforbrug ved drift
  • 5,5 Watt
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